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Gona Re Zhou / Lowveld Area

The Gona Re Zhou / Lowveld Area is a prime hunting area of larger than 100 000 Hectares(247 000 Acres) situated in the southeastern part of Zimbabwe and shares unfenced borders with the world renowned Gona Re Zhou National Park. It borders South Africa to the south and Mozambique to the east and is home to approximately 10 000+ Elephants. Gona Re Zhou, which means "Place of many Elephants" is famous for its Elephant genetics which has proven to be superior to the rest of the Elephants found in Zimbabwe. The area is well known for its large Elephants and every year we hunt quality bulls. You can expect to take a bull with 60lb+ tusks easily! Big Hippo and Crocodile are also found in abundance along the 2 large lakes and 3 major rivers. These Safari's can also be combined with quality Cape Buffalo and Plains Game hunting. The area is also amongst some of the best Leopard areas in Zimbabwe and is also good for trophy Sable and Lion.

Matetsi Area

The Matetsi Safari Area is a prolific Buffalo area with a good change of getting a large trophy bull. Elephant hunting is also very successful in the area although exceptional trophies are not common. Matetsi is also well known for its big Tom Cats, dark maned Lions, large Sable Bulls and massive Livingstone Elands. It also produce good quality Reedbuck, Waterbuck, Kudu, Hippo, Crocodile, Hyena and other Plains Game trophies. The area is a merge of 3 game ranches that area unfenced of each other and share unfenced borders with the Matetsi Unit 1, Unit 4 and Hwange National Park. The Matetsi Camp is situated less than an hours drive from Victoria Falls and about 2 hours from Hwange National Park Main Camp. Day trips to both Vic Falls and Hwange can be arranged.

Binga Area

Binga is the perfect place for Hippo and Crocodile with big Hippo Bulls and 4 meter Crocodiles being a realistic expectation! Our primary hunting area is near Sengwa Mouth with our camp overlooking Lake Kariba. This area is not only great for Hippo's and Crocs but also produce huge Chobe Bushbuck trophies with an average size of 16" being hunted! Sengwa Camp is about a 45 minute drive from Binga Town via boat. The area is also well known for its tiger and bream fishing and boats are available to hire for non-hunters.

Savé Valley Area

Impala Ranch is a 8 000 Hectare paradise situated in the southern part of the Savé Valley Conservancy, which is a world renowned hunting destination. The camp is situated on a hill overlooking the valley below which is home to free roaming Buffalo, Lion, Elephant, Leopard and an abundance of Plains Game! The South Eastern part of Zimbabwe is especially well known for its Leopard Hunting and the Savé Valley produce top quality Tom Cats every year. It is also a fantastic area for Buffalo and Impala Ranch is home to big herds of Dagga Boys. Impala Ranch is a 30 minute drive from Buffalo Range Airport. 

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