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South Africa: Area Information

Limpopo Valley, Limpopo Province

The Limpopo Valley is situated in the northern part of the Limpopo Province, an area which is famous for its hunting and produce top quality trophies every year! Our primary camp is situated on the Soutpansberg Mountain, a convenient 5 hour drive from Johannesburg and 2 hour drive from Polokwane. If you are looking for a more luxurious hunting destination in South Africa but still a fair chase hunt with a wide variety of Game to choose from then this Hunting Area will be perfect for you. With over 30 different species to choose from, from Buffalo, Hyena and night critters to the Tiny 10 species this hunting destination is one of the best in the area. The landscape clients can expect to hunt is flat, sand & grass areas as well as mountainous areas filled with Mopane- and Baobab Trees. It is in these mountainous areas that we can hunt the elusive Klipspringer or majestic Kudu for which the area is famous. This area have all the hunting requirements any hunter can dream off! This is also an ideal Buffalo hunting area with a wide variety of Plains Game to be added on. This is an area where I can guarantee clients a traditional, fair chase hunt to the best that South Africa can offer.

Lowveld, Limpopo Province

The Lowveld Area of South Africa is more of a Dangerous Game Hunting Area and the Big 5 Areas I hunt offer a true fair chase hunt! Camp is a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg, or you can take a connection flight to Hoedspruit and have a convenient 30 minute drive to camp. The hunting areas are filled with an abundance of wildlife, and some areas we hunt share borders with private nature reserves open with the Kruger National Park! This is my main area for a fair-chase Buffalo Hunt and this area produce some of the best Dagga Boys in South Africa. Other exceptional species of which there is an abundance in the Lowveld Area, besides Buffalo, is Elephant, Hippo, Spotted Hyena, Sable- and Roan Antelope. Experience the thrill of hunting in an area filled with Big Game in pursuit of your desired Trophy! The landscape clients can expect is typical Lowveld bush where broad-leaved trees and thorn trees co-exist in relatively open woodland, interspersed with long grass and plenty of game. This is an area where I can guarantee clients a traditional, fair chase hunt to the best that South Africa can offer.

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