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Hunting Package Special, Hunting in South Africa, Plains Game Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Dangerous Game Hunting

Safari Preparation

To help make your trip more successful, please read carefully through the information below.

Passport / Visas

You will need a passport that is valid for more than three months to visit South Africa or Zimbabwe. 
South Africa requires no Visa and Zimbabwe a Visa can be obtained on arrival.

Road Transfer

Transfer to and from the Airport is done directly by Mattanja Hunting Safaris.
The following Airports apply when hunting with us:
South Africa - OR Tambo International Airport
South Africa - Polokwane Airport (Limpopo Valley)
South Africa - Eastgate Airport (South African Lowveld)
Zimbabwe - Vic Falls International Airport (Matetsi)
Zimbabwe - Bulawayo International Airport (Zimbabwe Lowveld / Gona Re Zhou)

Flight Arrangements

We highly recommend you use a travel agent that specialize in African travel.
We recommend Jennifer Ginn at Travel Express for your flight bookings
+1 406 381 6582

Meet & Greet

Every client will be personally welcomed by myself or one of my Professional Hunters at the destined Airport.

Firearms & Ammunition

You can either bring a bolt action rifle or double rifle on your Safari. Please note no automatic or semi-auto rifles are allowed into South Africa/Zimbabwe and no 2 rifles of the same caliber!
Any of the .30 calibers or higher will be sufficient for Plains Game and .375 H&H Mag or bigger for Dangerous Game.

Select a good quality multi purpose expanding bullet, Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX & Trophy Bonded have all proved well in the past. We recommend a good quality expanding bullet for Plains Game, a Solid for Tiny 1o species and a 50/50 split in expanding bullets & solids for Dangerous Game. Fit your rifle with a good quality variable scope. 

Gun Fees & Bow Hunting

The import of firearms into South Africa & Zimbabwe is free.
If you plan on hunting with a bow, let us know in advance. For hunting with a bow in Zimbabwe a special Permits is required.


Your trophies will be field prepared, salted and marked before being sent to the taxidermy.
All taxidermy documentation and arrangements will be prepared by Mattanja Hunting Safaris

In South Africa, Field & Stream Taxidermy will handle your trophies and shipping.
Field & Stream Taxidermy
Tel: +27 15 516 1081

Permits & Government Documents

(Adobe Reader required to view these Documents, get it FREE by clicking here)​

Mattanja Hunting Safaris make use of to apply and assist with Temporary Rifle Import/Export Permits

Clothing & Personal Requirements

  • Hunting or hiking boots - already broken in, NOT NEW!

  • Fanny pack or backpack to carry cameras, daily items you will use out in the field.

  • Comfortable camp or tennis shoes

  • Socks - 4 pair

  • Underwear - 4 pair

  • Hunting shorts - 3 pair - we have daily laundry service - camo is okay for South Africa ONLY, as are dull colors such as khaki or olive.  No bright colors or white for hunting!

  • Long trouser - 3 pair - we have daily laundry service - camo is okay for South Africa ONLY, as are dull colors such as khaki or olive.  No bright colors or white for hunting!

  • Medium weight hunting jacket

  • Long sleeve hunting shirts - 3 each

  • Short sleeve hunting shirts - 3 each

  • Rain jacket

  • Warm sweater

  • Hunting hat - I prefer baseball style but, whatever is comfortable. No bright colours or white for hunting!

  • Pajamas

  • Traveling clothes - 1 pair

  • Leather gloves - 1 pair - Take at least 1 pair of working gloves

  • Sunglasses

  • Personal toiletries / shaving kit

  • Tweezers - lots of thorns in Africa!

  • Insect repellent – bugs are not a problem but, a small can is good insurance.

  • Lip balm - very important!

  • Visine eye drops

  • Sun block

  • Sinus medication

  • Tylenol

  • Dramamine - This is suggested if you are prone to car or air sickness.

  • Lotion

  • Small flashlight

  • Small talcum powder

  • Malaria medication - Please visit your local Doctor for the best advice

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