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The Nile Crocodile is not part of Africa's Big 5, but is still a challenging and exciting hunt! These large predatory reptiles are found in almost every large river in Sub-Sahara Africa. The average mature size crocodile measures between 12 and 14 feet with some males reaching a length of 16 feet and weighing up to 2000 pounds!

Crocodile is hunted by stalking the river banks looking for a sizeable Crocodile or from a blind over a rest. Judging the size of a Crocodile is challenging, but not impossible and identifying the gender of a Croc is extremely difficult if you don't know what to look at! A mature male Crocodile will have a  broad head, a wide, v-shape muzzle and a thick, prominent upper tooth.


A .375 H&H Magnum or a .30 caliber is recommended for a Crocodile. A good quality premium soft nose bullet is highly recommended! Shot placement is critical on a Crocodile so use a rifle that you can shoot well up to 120 yards.

Shot distance can vary from 50 to 100 yards depending on the situation. It is critical that a Crocodile has to be anchored with the first shot, otherwise it will go into the water, and once a Crocodile goes into the water it's lost! My preferred shot placement is a broadside shot, 4 inches behind the smile, in the middle of the neck. With this shot you don't damage the skull, and the Croc is anchored immediately. You're Professional Hunter guiding you on the hunt will go over shot placement with you and will advise you where to shoot based on how the Crocodile is lying. Studying shot placement before you're Safari can be a real help!

Crocodile Hunting in South Africa is mainly done on private game ranches. The Leadwood Conservancy in the Limpopo Valley offer a fantastic experience at a fair chase, self-sustaining Crocodile Hunting opportunity! There's an abundance of Crocodile's on the Conservancy all self sustaining and roaming freely on the area. This is NOT a "put and take" hunt!

Crocodile Hunting in Zimbabwe is some of the best in Southern Africa! Matetsi, Chibwedziva and Nuanetsi Conservancy offer great Crocodile Hunting and deliver some monsters! 

Travel options to get to the hunting concession in South Africa would be to fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and take a connecting flight to Polokwane Airport or Eastgate Airport depending where you're hunting.

Travel options to get to the hunting concession in Zimbabwe would be to fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa and take a connecting flight to Victoria Falls International Airport or Bulawayo Airport depending where you're hunting.

On every Safari you will be greeted at the airport by myself, or one of my handpicked Professional Hunters. If you require overnight accommodation in Johannesburg, I highly recommend Africa Sky Guesthouse.


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