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The Hippo, although not part of Africa's Big 5, accounts for the most recorded human deaths on the continent! This is a challenging and exciting hunt and is usually combined with a crocodile. Hippo's inhabit most of the water ways in Southern- and Central Africa and can weigh between 3000 and 4000 pounds!


Most Hippo's are shot in the water and occasionally on dry land. When a Hippo is shot in the water it will immediately sink if it was a kill shot and as the gases in the stomach build it the carcass will float. This normally takes around 45 minutes. Chibwedziva offer very good Hippo Hunting and the best time during the year is usually April to July.


A .375 H&H Magnum is the recommended caliber for Hippo. A good quality monolithic- or solid bullet is highly recommended! Shot placement is important on a Hippo and a high quality scope with a variable zoom is advisable.

Shot distance can vary from 50 to 100 yards depending on the situation and you will shoot over a stable rest. A shoulder shot presents a big target and will anchor a hippo if shot with a large enough caliber where a brain shot offer a much smaller target. You're Professional Hunter guiding you on the hunt will go over shot placement with you and will advise you where to shoot depending on the situation. Studying shot placement on a brain shot before you're Safari can be a real help!

Travel options to get to the hunting concession would be to fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa and take a connecting flight to  Bulawayo Airport.

On every Safari you will be greeted at the airport by myself, or one of my handpicked Professional Hunters. If you require overnight accommodation in Johannesburg, I highly recommend Africa Sky Guesthouse.


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