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Soutpansberg Camp, Limpopo Province


Rhino Hunting overall is a sensitive subject, but is vital for the survival and protection of the specie. South Africa is one of only two countries in Southern Africa where it is legal to hunt Rhino. Thanks to the efforts of committed conservationist and clients, the number of White Rhino's is steadily increasing. A Rhino has relatively poor eye sight but excellent hearing and smell and can weigh up to 5 500 pounds! It is usually the last specie of the Big 5 that a collector needs.  Strict hunting permits still apply to hunt Rhino in South Africa and every hunt is overseen by a Nature Conservation Official.   

Rhino is strictly hunted on foot and only mature bulls past their prime is put out to hunt. The type of hunts offered is for a Rhino with a fully grown natural horn and a 'previously de-horned Rhino'.  The de-horning of Rhino's is a method of anti-poaching that has been proven to be mostly successful. After a Rhino is de-horned, the horn will grow back over time.

The .375 H&H Magnum is the legal minimum required caliber for hunting Rhino, although a .40 caliber rifle suitable for thick skinned animals with 400 grain to 500 grain bullets will be ideal. A good quality premium solid bullet is a must for this hunt! Use the rifle that you shoot the most accurately and  comfortably!


Shot distance can be relatively close because of a Rhinos' poor eye sight, 30 yards or less if you keep the wind in your favor.  You're Professional Hunter guiding you on the hunt will go over shot placement with you as this is essential and will advise you where to shoot based on how the animals is standing. Studying shot placement before you're Safari can be a real help!

Travel options to get to the hunting concession would be to fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa and take a connecting flight to Polokwane Airport.

On every Safari you will be greeted at the airport by myself, or one of my handpicked Professional Hunters. If you require overnight accommodation in Johannesburg, I highly recommend Africa Sky Guesthouse.


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